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Database websites

Anything where the information needs to be searchable and sorted is ideal for a database application

A custom designed database gives you searchable web pages so visitors can find information easily - eg by your activities, region, category or any keyword. It is used throughout the Internet. For example Facebook and TradeMe rely on databases to sort and present information to you.

Our Shopping Cart - ActionShop - is a prime example of using a database to search for products, find by Category, order and pay online and handle the backroom order fulfillment process.

We specialise in designing and developing a wide range of customised database websites to meet your needs. We really like to play with that code!

What can I do with a Database website? Use it for:

  • A membership listing for your organization with links to members' emails and websites and descriptions which your members can change themselves ( See sample at Animalherbs)
  • An Events Calendar to enable your emplyees or members to contribute articles and photographs on forthcoming events or News
  • An online forum so visitors contribute ideas and other visitors can comment on them. We designed and developed Electrical Forum - the reference of choice for New Zealand electricians
  • a Community of like minded people who can exchange views, list their group and provide easily found information
  • Subscription based sites. Guestbooks
  • Classifieds, auctions
  • You name it - a database will do it!

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