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 What is the point of having a great web site if it is not being seen?

We've helped many small businesses get started on the Web. In the process, we've learned that the key to success is to constantly promote your business online. We believe there are three steps to help you get noticed on the Internet.

Step 1. Search Engine Optimisation

Having a good looking site is not enough. If you want your website to be noticed in the search engines, you need to "optimise" your web pages so they are Search-engine friendly. To do this we will evaluate the visibility of your Site and change unfriendly features for readiness for Search engine submission. We will fine-tune your site to use popular words and eliminate obstructive coding.

We will 'tweak' your website to get to the top of search results and ensure it is being seen in all the right places.

  • Search engine requirements change every day but we keep right up to date with the latest requirements. Your site needs to be submitted to some Search engines regularly, whereas some will penalise you if you submit more than once. We know who they are. Products that automatically submit to hundreds of no-name engines are NOT going to work.
  • More than 86 percent of web users all over the world start at search engines or directories to find what they need.
  • When people search for your business they rarely go beyond the first 20 listings in the Search engines results. By optimising your website you increase the chances of appearing in these first 20 listings

Step 2 Provide Valuable Content

Valuable content that cannot be found elsewhere on the web is the most important factor in ensuring visitors return to your site. You are the best judge of this. We are happy to update content for your site for a modest fee. Free information with no strings attached and an opportunity for people to act will bring results. In order to build the number of visitors,a site must constantly be growing in terms of pages of relevant content. The more individual Web pages filled with relevant content, the better a site will rank in the major search engines. We can advise you on how to update your content yourself.

Step 3 Monitor your Visitors

You will have access to Site Statistics which provide an overview of Visitors to your website and the words and phrases they used to find your site on the Search engines

For more accurate monitoring we recommend using Google Analytics. Find out what works and what doesn't. Keep changing your website to attract the visitors you want and increase visitors or Sales.

Read about Google Analytics here


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