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Set up POP3 Email

POP3 is the usual method set up by Action Web when starting a hosting account.

POP3 downloads all (new) messages to your computer and deletes them from the server immediately. POP3 works well if you access your email from only one computer.

Use the following settings to set up your email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird.

POP3 server settings

Incoming Mail Server:
Outgoing Mail server:
Username: Your email eg:
Password: The password emailed to you
Incoming Port: 995 (requires SSL turned on)
110 (can be TLS or None)
Outgoing Port: 587 (Requires TLS authentication.)
465 (Recommended outgoing port. Requires SSL authentication.)


XTRA/Spark customers

If you are a customer of Spark the default setting for sending mail on port 25 will not work as Spark blocks port 25 even to other smtp servers.

The following settings will work:


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