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We specialise in database-driven websites, custom-built for your requirements.

With a powerful database driving your site, your customers can easily search for information. PHP/MySql scripts developed to your requirements can calculate totals, exchange views, show hierarchies, categorise and present information how you want it. It can include shopping carts, product catalogues, private Members' areas, forums or community portals.

A picture tells a thousand words

Use a video on your website to show your customers how your product works. Demonstrate the beautiful view from your bed and breakfast. Add crediblity by showcasing your work in a photo gallery.

Sell your products online

Use our inhouse solution - ActionShop - to sell virtually any product. Link up with a credit card payment authority and make it easy to buy from you 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Merchants can change product details, update prices, view orders and add photos at any time.

Be Seen For Dogs

Great idea! Be Seen provides high visibiity coats and accessories for dogs. An online shop enables customers to browse for products for their dogs and pay securely via credit card to have the product shipped to them


Subtropica provides subtropical fruit trees that have proven reliable in New Zealand's temperate/subtropical climate, and a few of the more experimental nature, for the adventurous! Customers can browse the catalogue, tick the boxes, pay and the plants are shipped by courier throughout New Zealand.

Animal Herbs and Homoeopathics

Established in 2001, Animal Herbs website offers online assistance for various animal health problems. Customers can order top quality products from an online catalogue and consult with Pat about their animal's health.

Update your website yourself

Don't wait for an expensive web developer to make changes to your website when you can do it yourself at any time. We support two content management systems - Adobe Contribute for simple updates and Joomla for more advanced work


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